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don't even try it.

13 December 1989

Name: Mello
"Real" Name: Michael Kohl
Room Number:
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6
Timeline: Post-manga
Main Language: English
Secondary Language: Fluent: Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian. Passable: Mandarin, Arabic, German.
Other Characteristics: Burn scar on left side of face and shoulder.

Room: M3
Roommate: Kittan
Status: Annoyed. Also has a bite mark from a giant bat on his forearm.
Equipment: Flashlight, batteries, radio, atrocious clothing (what the hell?), incomplete map, journal, pens, a short temper, no chocolate.

This is a RP journal. stopcounting is incredibly poor and owns no part of Death Note.